Dominick Cruz talks why he chooses frugal living

I wish I could say the reason why I drive an almost 10 year old ugly blue hyundai is because I choose to live frugally, but that would be a lie and I don’t like to tell you guys lies. The real reason is I get distracted by t-shirts and shoes and other shiny things like most girls do, so everytime I even think about taking on a brand new car payment I look at my empty bank account and realize it’s just not in the deck of cards for me. I probably need to be sent to some intervention bootcamp that forces me to learn to just say no to buying anymore t-shirts to add to the 174 I already have in my wardrobe.

Maybe Dominick Cruz can teach me a little something about living frugally and only with what is necessary. Last year Cruz did a Cribs style video for and revealed he was living with a couple of cats in an efficiency style one room apartment. On a recent episode of the Weekend Edition of MMAWeekly Radio, our buddy Travis McPherson talked a bit to Dominick Cruz about his frugal living style and he explained why even after having found success and the belt, he chooses to continue his frugal lifestyle. Check it out: [source]


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