Brad Riddell Outpoints Drew Dober After Back-And-Forth War – UFC 263 Results (Highlights)

Riddell earned the biggest win of his career after edging Dober in the UFC 263 featured prelim bout.

Riddell Dober

A lightweight bout between Drew Dober and Brad Riddell is taking place now (Saturday, June 12, 2021) on the UFC 263 prelims.

Round 1

Riddell lands a nice left early on. Dober starts to trade with him. Dober seems to have hurt Riddell bad but Riddell counters with the takedown. Dober scrambles and they return to the feet. Dober continues to find success but Riddell is still in this as he lands his own strikes. Dober sees his head kick blocked. Both fighters are swinging but Riddell is the one backed up. Riddell connects with a leg kick. Riddell seems to have hurt Dober as the round comes to an end. 

Round 2

Riddell connects with a leg kick and follows it up with a left hook. However, Dober backs him up. Riddell clips him with a right and follows with a right. However, Dober stings him which forces a takedown attempt from Riddell which is defended. Dober lands a body kick. Now both fighters are swinging as they land huge strikes. Dober shoots and gets the takedown! Dober looks to take the back but Riddell separates and goes for his own takedown. Dober lands some hard elbows to the head. Riddell eats them as he isn’t giving up on the takedown. They separate with Riddell landing an elbow on the break. Dober lands some lefts but Riddell gets the takedown. A scramble sees Dober get back to his feet. Riddell connects with a body kick. Both fighters continue to trade strikes. Riddell lands some big strikes. Dober connects with a nice spinning back kick to the body as the round ends.

Round 3

Riddell stings Dober with a right early on. Riddell follows it up with a body kick. Both fighters clinch up but separate soon after. They continue to trade shots with both fighters landing big blows. Riddell lands a leg kick. Dober connects with a left. Riddell lands a huge right soon after but Dober eats it. Riddell gives up on a takedown. Riddell connects with another body kick as Dober misses a head kick soon after. Dober shoots but it’s stuffed by Riddell who has him clinched up against the fence. He lands an elbow on the break. Riddell connects with a body shot but is eating some shots from Dober who drops him a leg kick. Riddell hurts Dober with a right! Dober is wobbly and shoots for a desperate takedown. Riddell defends and lands some hammerfists to end the round strong.

Official result: Brad Riddell defeats Drew Dober via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Check out the highlights below:

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