Din Thomas will train you to stop bullies for absolutely free

Nobody likes bullies, not even bullies themselves. The reason they are bullies in the first place is because even they need to project their own self-hate onto weaker, innocent targets so they don’t have to face their personal inadequacies. Bullying is a way of avoiding your own horrible nightmare of a real life. Look, I like to avoid my reality too, but I don’t do that by kicking tweeners in the shins and stealing their lunch. I prefer to avoid reality by daydreaming about making pudding with Felice Herring and Damarques Johnson on a naughty cooking show.  In the daydream, DZilla is wearing an apron and stirring the pudding while Felice and I playfight over who gets to lick Dzilla’s spatula first.

That daydream story probably has you shaking your head, just like Din Thomas is shaking his head at bullying. In an article posted in the Palm Beach Post, Din talks about his disgust for bullies and his desire to do something about it:

“All my life I’ve always been the one to root for the underdog,” Thomas said. “But in cases like this, where kids are getting hurt and dying, there’s just no question about it – we have to do something.”

Din is doing something about it alright, not only does he already spend a few weeks each year teaching his current students how to defend themselves both verbally and physically from bullies, but now he is holding a free anti-bullying seminar this Saturday for anyone who wants to come at his school in Stuart, Florida. The class starts at 2pm and according to Din he will, “stay here all day if I have to. I just want to make sure that we work with everyone who comes in.”

Yes, Go Din! From illegal underground MMA league to botched fight against Ricardo Mayorga to an anti-bullying campaign, Din Thomas can do it all. Hmph, if he can do all of that I wonder what he could do with a spatula. [Source]

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