TJ Dillashaw Wants A Fight Against Floyd Mayweather

Tj Dillashaw
Tj Dillashaw

TJ Dillashaw Interested in Facing Floyd Mayweather

Recently, Floyd “Money” Mayweather announced that his … unretirement from combat sports. The news shook up the entire culture of fighting. Media, promoters, and other fighters have all took interest in Mayweather since the announcement. Speculation about Mayweather’s next bout swept across the internet. It seemed like the entire world was ready for a Floyd return, except his father. UFC bantamweight TJ Dillashaw seems excited about the return of Mayweather. However, that excitement stems from the interest of being an opponent, not a fan.

Dillashaw’s USADA Suspension

TJ Dillashaw has had a lot of time to think about what his next moves in life will be. Currently serving his USADA suspension, TJ isn’t eligible to return to a UFC octagon until 2001. So, in the meantime, why not try to fight the freshly unretired Mayweather?

Dillashaw has been itching to get back to competing on a high level. In fact, it’s no surprise that Dillashaw would want to face elite competition like Mayweather. During his hiatus, TJ has even stated that he would love to return to an immediate UFC bantamweight title shot.

Dillashaw on Facing Mayweather

TJ expressed his interest in fighting Floyd on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show via ESPN. While many fighters fret over their suspensions, Dillashaw has owned up to it and now plans on using it to his advantage. Opening up about the suspension seemed easy for Tj. Then again, he’s had a long time to process it.

When asked about Mayweather, Dillashaw voiced his belief that he is the most suitable fighter to face Floyd in a match. He listed training with various top tier boxers. Also, he explained how his attributes match up well against Floyd.

“I’ve been training with the Lomachenkos, the Terence Crawfords. He ain’t going to be able to wear me out and finish me,” said Dillashaw. “My cardio. I think that’s a very intriguing fight.”

TJ continued, “I think Conor McGregor did a great job just showing what we can do, our movements are awkward and that it’s tough for them to deal with.

“And I’ve seen it myself in the boxing world. … I think that would be a super intriguing thing to get involved in and I got the time to do it.”

Dillashaw vs Mayweather Potential

At this point in his suspension, Dillashaw has less than three months until he can return to the octagon. Perhaps he can sneak in a fight with Mayweather and then make his case for a bantamweight title fight. Champion Henry Cejudo is still currently injured, so the fight against Floyd could put both TJ and Henry on the same return timeline.

Is there any possibility of a bout between Mayweather and Dillashaw? Let us know in the comments below.

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