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Dillashaw left hanging on fist bump. Who is at fault here?

Dillashaw left hanging on fist bump. Who is at fault here?

The slap handshake into fist bump has long been a point of confusion for all involved. Unless you know your partner, and know them well, there’s no real telling what can come of this situation. Will the slap turn into a kind of handshake? Will there be and immediate fist bump? Will there be a hug?

It’s a social phenomenon not many have the wherewithal to handle, and when you’re on live TV promoting a championship fight, the nerves are bubbling up and mistakes can and will be made. This is what happened to poor TJ Dillashaw.

Whose fault was this instance in which TJ was left hanging? The host? TJ? In my opinion, TJ did the right thing. He followed up a slap with a fist bump, as you’re supposed to. No one just slaps their hands and moves away. That’s confusing and weird, especially on TV. 

Have a look for yourself.

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