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Diego Sanchez Spit Out Heated Response To Donald Cerrone’s Jackson Wink Comments

Diego Sanchez Spit Out Heated Response To Donald Cerrone’s Jackson Wink Comments

Diego Sanchez Defended His Teammates And Blasted Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone Over Jackson Wink MMA Accusations

Earlier on Wednesday, Donald Cerrone was guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast, where he put Jackson Wink MMA’s owners Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn on blast after training complications arose when he was offered to fight a teammate Mike Perry at UFC Fight Night 139 on Nov. 10 in Denver. ‘Cowboy’ requested ‘The Platinum’ not to be allowed in the gym during their showdown, upon that Cerrone was told you’re no longer welcome to this gym anymore.

Since then Cerrone has been training at his own BMF Ranch gym.

Cerrone who has been training at Jackson–Wink MMA Academy for over a decade, is particularly livid at Winkeljohn that he ruined the team.

After caught wind of Cerrone’s vitriol, a longtime teammate Diego Sanchez spit out his venom and even offer to step in to fight if Perry couldn’t make it for some reason via his Instagram post:

“I have been here longer than anyone and seen the many stages of our evolution of this team,” Sanchez wrote. “Cowboy Cerrone has been so busy building his empire the past three four years and he’s done a fantastic job doing it but that’s been his focus, he’s never been here!!! Maybe a grappling class here or there a sparring every six months??? That’s not a team mate it’s just someone who is out only for themselves.”

“In the past ten years Cowboy never went out of his way to help me get ready for a fight not ounce,” Sanchez said. “That’s why I posted previously about why I was #teamplatinum Mike Perry is here to give me rounds if I need them and helped me more in one camp than Cowboy did in ten years. Don’t bad mouth my gym or my coach Mike Winkeljohn we’re good peeps striving to better our city our state and our sport!!!! If Perry falls out come November I’LL BE READY TO FILL IN WITH ZERO HESITATION! And we know where Greg Jackson will be #loyalty #itsnotallaboutmoney #realtalk.”

Winkeljohn also fired back at Cerrone’s criticism and said ‘Cowboy’ hasn’t contributed at JacksonWink MMA as a consistent team presence.

In another post, Sanchez defends coach Chad Smith and assured Cerrone is no longer his homie.

“What if he was talking about your brother your wrestling coach? How would you respond? BTW this is all BS and my coach @chadinspiremma is so legit that’s why I chose him to corner me and be one of leaded into a battle where my life is on the line!!!! @cowboycerrone your not my homie anymore! And if someone was trashing @superdwrestling publicly like this you wouldn’t have it @bmfranch @jacksonwink_mma.” – Diego Sanchez on Instagram.

Let’s wait and see who comes out on top when the cage door closes, Cerrone, 35, is 1-4 over his last five fights meanwhile Perry (12-3) is 3-2.

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