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Video: Diego Sanchez Has Neck Busting Diego Sanchez Staredown

Video: Diego Sanchez Has Neck Busting Diego Sanchez Staredown

With as much stuff going on, you may forget that Diego Sanchez is fighting tomorrow, but I’ll be damned if that motherfucker didn’t forget. In a media staredown attended by like, five people, Sanchez faced off with new Bellator recruit Marcin Held and tried to blow up his head like in that movie “Scanners”.

If that wasn’t enough, he talked to him the whole time. Not even during the stare, but as he stood ten feet away, as he was walking away, as he got into his car, as he sat at home reading the bible— You get it. In some weird, half-motivating, half-trash talk, it looked like Held was more confused than intimidated.

Yeah homie. That’s what I want. That’s what we’re doing, homie. Yes, homie. That’s what I want. You’re going down, homie, you’re going down below to watch this video.

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