Did you know the Jose Aldo movie is about to start filming?

I bet you didn’t know that the Jose Aldo movie is about to start filming. If it weren’t for Fighters Only Magazine none of us would know. It’s true though, the biopic on the UFC featherweight champ is going through some final script tweaks then casting starts soon. Aldo’s rise through poverty in Brazil is a somewhat well known tale and it makes for excellent silver screen drama. The movie should resonate with audiences of all ages/creeds.

But nevermind the drama, I hope they re create this moment and his laughing hysterically while getting a suit. There are also unanswered questions about who they are getting to do the special effects to recreate Mark Hominick’s hematoma from UFC 129. I’m holding my breath for Peter Jackson’s Weta Studios, I think they are the only New Zealander’s that can pull it off.

Here is what Jose had to say to Fighters Only about the upcoming feature film:

“It’s a dream, right? My life to turn into a movie, a story. I always see with good eyes. Think it will be good for me, for the sport and will reveal MMA as well. I’m very focused on it, in what depends on me, I will give my best in order to make it a good movie, a good story,”


Who knows, I might make something from it. I guess those who don’t know either me or my story, will know a little more through this film that we will make. It will tell a lot of stories that previously are known only to close friends.

“I watch so many soap operas and I am a big fan of him. He’s a guy who gives me a good energy. For me, it would be Malvino Salvador,”

Yeah, I don’t think the casting choice of Malvino Salvador will come to fruition, hopefully Ryan Reynolds can play me in the MiddleEasy movie though. Actually I want to be played by 1996 Ving Rhames.


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