Did Alexander Gustafsson Just Make the Most Epic April Fools’ Post?

Things haven’t been the best for Alexander Gustafsson. He was on the bad side of a controversial decision to former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones, then strung together two big losses to the top guys. It’s not easy being consensus #3 but Gustafsson, please say you’re not retiring?!


In an epic Instagram post, the Blue-Eyed Mauler throws a little shade at the UFC’s decisions, Jon “bad boy” Jones and alludes to a retired farm life where he continues his modeling career.

Here’s the full text:

“It is with sadness that I have to announce my retirement from MMA and the UFC. I have had a rough 2015 with bad results and lost my motivation for the sport and the training. The decision maker in this is my last injury I examined today where I need to have a surgery and will be away from training for more than a year.

It’s more sad to leave the sport now while it looks pretty easy to get interim belts especially since I never got the chance to get a real belt but life ain’t over, I will continue take pretty boy pictures for @carlings_official which I enjoy. @badboybrands who just launched my signature t-shirt said, Alex, if you become a real “bad boy” like Jon, we will sign you up for life, that may be an option, work for some guys.

@unibetsverige have been with me from the beginning of my career, now I might get the chance to spend some more time with @glenn_hysen and give him some more low kicks after my injury. @gymgrossisten thank God that not only full-time athletes can drink your BCAA mango flavor, I will still need it to keep my energy up while I am walking with my crutches for the next 9 months.

For the next 3 months I will stay out of contact while I take care of my injury, I will have my morning coffee with the love of my life, “General Snus” . I alway said, once I am finished with fighting I will move away from Stockholm and enjoy farmer life, that’s what I will do. Quality time with my dogs and cows far away from town. So for now, thank you all for your support my friends. Can’t tell you how much it has meant for me and kept my going. Good luck to all my teammates and thank you for all your help.

And finally D.C, one part of me always wanted you to beat the shit out of Jon because you are a great role model as a Champion, but one part of my wanted you to lose, so I could come and get my rematch against Jones later when I deserve it. But now that I am out of this game, give him those uppercuts that you gave me, they really hurt.

Much love, Alex.”

Of course, Gustafsson is not retiring. It just turns out he was bored.

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