DEVELOPING: Major MMA Blog Posts Press Release From C-League to Appear Unbiased

NEW YORK, New York, January 5th, 2015 — In a truly magnanimous gesture a major Mixed Martial Arts blog proved their unwavering objectivity and commitment not just to the UFC, but to the sport in general by posting a press release for a smaller league this afternoon. The move, which was hotly-debated following the blockbuster event that was UFC 182 featuring Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier, was agreed upon via Google Chat between a few of the members of the staff.

One member of the staff seemed against putting up such “unnecessary filler,” but the rest agreed that it would be good to break up the stories about “loving to hate” Jon Jones, how Jon Jones is the greatest fighter (or is he?!) and how Conor McGregor defecated this morning and it was somehow pink, which is an omen of his impending title run. This truly benevolent gesture came without ego, being posted under a base account with the blog’s name on it, which was opposed to being posted under the byline of one of the actual writers. They also decided to not spend any more time on crafting a paragraph or two to explain the news in their own words, instead opting to just post the press release in full and save some time.

The promoter was glowing, sharing the link all over Facebook and tagging every individual MMA journalist that had clicked “Accept” on his friend request to said post in hopes that they’d see this gesture and follow suit, understanding just how vital it is for the sport to continue propping up minor leagues where fighters get their start. In the end everyone walked away from the situation feeling better about themselves, although as of press time the article has been receiving alarmingly low traffic, fans opting to not click on it in lieu of reading a partially-reworded article about Jon Jones that they’ve already read on another site.

More on this story as it develops, if it develops.

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