DEVELOPING: Daniel Cormier Declared Crybaby by Fans After Post-Fight Breakdown

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, January 4th, 2015 — Last night at UFC 182 Jon “Bones” Jones had a dominant performance against Daniel “DC” Cormier for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, cementing his status as the best fighter in the world in the eyes of many. After the fight, at the official post-fight press conference, Daniel Cormier broke down in an emotional display for the whole world to see. Cormier, an Olympic-level wrestler, was taken down by Jon Jones a total of three times and Jones swept every judges scorecards.

A visibly-crestfallen DC broke down in tears upon interrogation from those in Press Row(C). “I’m alright,” Cormier replied, choking back the tears of regret. “I’m fine.”

But it was clear that Cormier was not fine, considering he had just lost the biggest fight of his career. It was an unusual sight for the mach sport of Mixed Martial Arts and fans are unsure of how to react to such a display. If there is no crying in baseball there very clearly should be no crying in Mixed Martial Arts. Especially not in the UFC, where it is As Real As It Gets(R). Such human displays are not befitting for these modern day gladiators, many feeling very uncomfortable to see a warrior like Cormier so emotional.

This journalist is torn on the situation. In an informal Twitter poll conducted this afternoon I discovered a great deal of fans believed that Cormier’s display was powerful and only showed his conviction more. Others saw it as another reason to dislike the champion, Jon Jones. Some see it as a clear sign of weakness. What is clear is that everyone looked uncomfortable last night with the situation and that there is little room for emotion within the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Emotions make everyone uncomfortable and could be bad for the sport. More on this story as it develops. 

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