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Despite legal beef, Golden Glory’s Martijn de Jong was excited for Alistair Overeem’s win at UFC 141

Despite legal beef, Golden Glory’s Martijn de Jong was excited for Alistair Overeem’s win at UFC 141

Will someone just cast a Calm spell on Alistair Overeem and Golden Glory so we can forget about this ridiculous beef? Seriously, the fan in me wants to run in my bedroom, lock the door and cry myself to sleep over all this nonsense. ‘Alistair Overeem’ and ‘Golden Glory’ are two inseparable entities in MMA. Everyone knows this. It’s a constant factor in our universe that we can always rely on. Look, we understand that both of you are dissatisfied with something that can easily be fixed. One can argue that Overeem shouldn’t have put his beef with Golden Glory in the media by discussing it in various interviews and dedicating an entire episode of ‘The Reem’ to it. However, for Golden Glory to press release they were going to withhold Alistair Overeem’s money just hours before his UFC debut against perhaps the biggest dude in the heavyweight division is sort of a cheap shot.

Both parties have done things that can be seen as offensive, but in order for Alistair Overeem to fully develop within the UFC, you guys need to set aside this beef and focus on bringing your combined talent in order to carve your path in MMA history. I know Golden Glory and Alistair Overeem is reading this — so just know that it’s time to stop. Just stop it.

Check out this interview our buds on The MMA Show grabbed of Golden Glory’s Martijn de Jong discussing Alistair Overeem’s recent win against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141.

“I had kind of a double feeling. I was very happy he won but I wanted to be there myself and with the whole Golden Glory team. I preferred it to be a Golden Glory victory, but Alistair won, and since he’s been training with me for 12 years, it was like a little victory for myself as well.”

“If you train a fighter for 12 year and he reaches the highest level of the sport fighting in the UFC, of course you want to be in his corner, of course the whole team wanted to be there. But unfortunately some things happened and that’s just the way it is.”

“Brock has never been knocked out so it was a good strategy to go to the body. The first couple of knees were really, really hard and Alistair noticed that. You could see it in Brock’s movement, you could see it in Brock’s face that the knees were already landed really hard. The pain you have in your body doesn’t go away in five seconds or something, so Alistair kept attacking the body and the liver kick was perfectly placed. It was a great strategy.”

We’re all caught up in this, and it feels like we’ve all returned to the playgrounds in elementary school. Good for me, now that I’m older I’m going to kick ass at these monkey bars now. [Source]

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