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Despite how cool it would be, Cain vs. Dos Santos is NOT happening

Despite how cool it would be, Cain vs. Dos Santos is NOT happening

I once contemplated the best game plan to beat a fighter that can’t get knocked out. It took a couple of weeks, but I’ve finally found my jaw and re-attached it to my face. It hit the ground at around 2:20 seconds into the first round of the main event of UFC 110 when Cain Velasquez knocked out Big Nog. I tried to think of some connotation of the word “raw” or “rawesome” to describe what I had just seen, but it’s hard when my jaw was getting kicked around the floor by a crowd of disorderly UFC fans. On Inside MMA, Cain Velasquez just sat there, being humble about obliterating one of the greatest heavyweights of all time and scrambling his brain with a single stealthy meat-hook to the cranium. It’s at that moment I realized that Cain Velasquez is way too raw for MMA. He’s at least ‘Three Raw’ or ‘Four Raw’, and if he ends up taking the UFC Heavyweight belt, he’ll enter the Fifth Dimension of Rawness.

Cain is currently awaiting his title shot, which will come later this year against Shane Carwin, Frank Mir, or Brock Lesnar, depending on who’s left standing after the three of them sort out their differences. In the meantime, Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez will NOT be fighting next #1 contender position. Although it seems like Junior Dos Santos taken full jurisdiction of the UFC Heavyweight division, it was promised to Cain, and the UFC is holding it’s ground.


If only the UFC’s PR honored their media credentials as well as Joe Silva does his matchmaking for title contention, we’d all put aside our differences and sing Chrismas Jingles until the heavyweight division finally quiets down, however long that might be… Junior Dos Santos acting as a gatekeeper for the next 3-6 months runs a pretty friggin secure gate.

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