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Design a T-Shirt Contest – Sponsored by Cageside MMA

Design a T-Shirt Contest – Sponsored by Cageside MMA

Design a T-Shirt Contest – Sponsored by Cageside MMA

Not happy with the current state of fashion in the MMA world? Tired of seeing skulls and angel wings on the shirts of your favorite MMA clothing companies? Is there not enough skulls and angel wings on MMA shirts? Do you just want to rock a shirt with Conan the Destroyer on it?

Well here’s your chance to be your own MMA clothing designer, compliments of Cageside MMA. 

First place will receive $100 in cash along with $100 in free Cageside MMA merchandise. Your winning design will also be made into a Cageside MMA shirt and you will be the first to rock it. 


Contest Rules:

Create your very own Cageside MMA t-shirt incorporating either the Cageside MMA logo or just the words ‘Cageside MMA‘. Creatively, the contest is pretty open so there are as little restrictions as possible. Refrain from using nudity, brash political statements or racist innuendo (in other words, don’t be a *******). Stay away from using copyrighted material in your design (Don’t put a Burger King logo on your Cageside MMA shirt).

Be sure to create your design in the highest quality possible (don’t start your t-shirt on some dinky 300×500 pixel canvas). It’s hard to give specifics on the required dimensions since every design will be different, but the best thing to do is dig in your friend’s tool box and grab a ruler, take out that shirt you spilled beer on last night and measure how big you would like your design to be and just create a new file size in Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp or whatever program you illegally downloaded off the net (you pirate) with the exact dimensions. Simple as that. Be sure your design is created in 300 DPI and is in CMYK colors.


Submission Rules:

Submit your Cageside MMA t-shirt design as a .jpg not measuring more than 600px wide and no larger than 250kb. Feel free to place whatever watermark you would like on your design if think someone out there is going to steal it and build their entire clothing company around your t-shirt design. All designs must be submitted to [email protected].



If you’re still trying to scramble for a high quality picture of a blank t-shirt, download this blank front and back. The Cageside MMA logo can also downloaded here



Contest is over, winners will be announced soon.

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