UFC Vegas 22 Results: Derek Brunson Outwrestles Kevin Holland (Highlights)

UFC Veteran Derek Brunson gets his 22nd win, absolutely controlling Kevin Holland at UFC Vegas 22.

Holland Vs Brunson
Holland Vs Brunson - Image via UFC Twitter

UFC Veteran Derek Brunson takes on a rising star in Kevin ‘Trailblazer’ Holland at UFC Vegas 22. Brunson looks to shut up ‘Big Mouth’ in the headliner, while Holland looks to blaze more trails, continuing his impressive win streak. 

Round 1:

The fight starts. Holland takes center immediately. Holland tries a multitude of front kicks and in doing so he takes a mighty slip, leaving Brunson to take top position on the ground. Two minutes in, with full control on top, the Sanford MMA product would unleash a line of elbows and punches to the talkative Holland. He would attempt a keylock that was defended by Holland. Holland slaps Brunson from the bottom as Brunson continued to work.

Flapping his gums as usual, Brunson would cover his mouth with his hand. Holland asks him why he is covering his mouth in hilarious fashion. Round ends with Brunson coasting with dominant position.

Round 2:

Starting on the feet again, Holland would ask former UFC Lightweight Champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, to coach him in the fight, talking to ‘The Eagle’ who is near the Octagon ‘nest’. He would ask Khabib when would Brunson throw his shots.

Holland briefly rocks Brunson in the stand-up with the veteran weathering the storm and seizing the leg. Once elevated, Brunson would get the leg to get the fight down to the mat. Taking full mount, Brunson would attempt an arm triangle, it what took up most of the round in the submission position. Holland would slip out eventually and get up from under. Holland would be chased out, ending the round with more asked advice from Khabib on what to do next.

Round 3:

The relentless takedown artist would once again get Holland to the ground. Brunson would take him on a trip, hauling the ‘Trailblazer’ to the ground. Holland attempts an armbar which is quickly denied by the veteran. Brunson seizes control and leaves it for a second, rising up. He would then continue the onslaught by entering the Fort-Worth natives’ guard. Brunson controls every aspect landing ground and pound every minute remaining.

Round 4:

The rising star would attempt rise up to the occasion firing shots on the chin of Brunson. Brunson wouldn’t be bothered, continuing his perfect game-plan, executing his takedowns on Holland. He would capture side mount and then advance to his back. Holland would get up on his feet only to be taken down once again. Brunson lays on him for the majority of the round with it ending on the feet. The remaining time would end in Brunson controlling him in the clinch.

Round 5: 

The two would end round 5 in a more closely-contested fashion. Brunson and Holland exchange shots from a distance. As Holland looks to close it, Brunson takes advantage initiating the clinch once again. Holland would end up trailblazing his way to a takedown of his own on his opponent. This would mark Brunson’s first time taken down in his UFC career, lowering his 100% takedown defense. Holland would control for 2 minutes, Brunson would kick him off to get back on his feet. After this move, Brunson would get yet another takedown to end the round.


Results: Derek Brunson defeats Kevin Holland via unanimous decision.

Check the highlights below:

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