Dennis Siver takes high road over McGregor: doesn’t market himself outside of the octagon

Dennis Siver is a German featherweight fighter who is signed with the UFC.  In fact, he has fought eighteen times for the organization, even winning fight of the night at the October 4, 2014, event in Stockholm, Sweden.  He really has been quite active, and successful.  But while he is more accomplished on paper than his upcoming UFC Fight Night 59 opponent Conor McGregor, the latter has enjoyed a great deal more attention.   In fact, the hype for McGregor is so remarkable, he was at one time a 10-1 favorite over the German, a disparity that some experts have deemed excessive, attributed to his incredible popularity. 

To his great credit, Siver has avoided becoming a standout fan favorite by taking the high road, and limited his marketing efforts to the fifteen minutes or so that pass during each competition.

“My fighting does the talking for me,” he said to “I am not a trash-talker, I respect all of my opponents, it is just how I am as a martial artist. He created that hype with his mouth, yet he only has four fights inside the UFC. I think he has a lot to prove against me and he has even more to lose.” 

Naturally, some reactionary fans may be critical of his approach, given that McGregor appears to be doing exactly what marketable fighters tend to do.  But like a violent ventriloquist dummy of sorts, Siver lets his fighting talk for him, and there is no doubt probably something charming and worthwhile about that .  Nonetheless, not even Siver is immune to the hype-othetical power of the Irishman.

“I am happy to get this fight to see what all the hype is about,” he admitted.

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