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Video: Demetrious Johnson Reacts Live to the UFC 202 Water Bottle War

Video: Demetrious Johnson Reacts Live to the UFC 202 Water Bottle War

Oh, the wonderful world of Twitch! The current, most dominant UFC champion Demetrious Johnson took a little time out of racking dollars and destroying “newbs” in video games to watch the UFC 202 press conference eruption. Luckily, this time it wasn’t a USADA agent interrupting his stream. His reaction, much like us sitting at home, was priceless. Johnson had to even watch this shit twice.

Did that just happen? Yes it did just happen. Johnson busts out laughing when McGregor screams out “crackhead esés”. “Oh, now they’re throwing shit at the press conference! […] Damn Conor got everybody’s drink off the table!” Johnson play-by-plays.

All this chaos brings Johnson to admit that this is the reason he just brings “three motherfuckers” with him and his “little black ass” to try and avoid giant, team-on-team incidents like this. Johnson just hopes that the Diaz Brother’s aren’t sitting Indian style, taking bong hits in McGregor’s mind frame.

Watch the entire reaction to Aquafina spirals down below.

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