DEEP: the ‘best of’ DVD sets

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DEEP has held some of the more exciting fights in Japan. A deep talent base that has groomed several fighters that are now competing on the big stage in Japan, DEEP always seems to have at least a handful of fights that end turning into slugfests.

DEEP has always put out the “Greatest” DVD sets. These sets highlight the best fights the organization put on during a particular year. And then you have the grand daddy of them all: DEEP 2001-2010. This tells the story and shows how the organization evolved. Many star fighters will be noticed upon viewing this DVD.

If you have never had the opportunity to watch a DEEP show, this gives you the perfect chance. While YouTube does have the fights, these provide the entire package. Additionally, it does the job of picking the better fights for you!

Check these DVDs out – We own each one and have watched them a countless number of times.

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