Daniel Cormier: I Don’t Know If UFC Will Be Able To Make Khabib Want To Fight Conor McGregor

Nurmagomedov Has Long Expressed His Desire Not To Fight McGregor Again As He Believes He Closed Their Chapter In The First Meeting

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Daniel Cormier no longer believes Khabib Nurmagomedov will fight Conor McGregor again.

Nurmagomedov has long claimed that he would not fight McGregor again as he believes he already closed the chapter on their rivalry when he submitted him at UFC 229 in October two years ago.

“The Eagle” would add that in other interviews that he wouldn’t coach The Ultimate Fighter with McGregor even if he was paid $5 billion while he has also told the Irishman to get a win over someone like Dustin Poirier to even be in the conversation.

Despite those comments, Cormier felt Nurmagomedov would eventually fight McGregor again. Not anymore, though.

“I gotta be honest with you. I had a conversation with Khabib the other day. … I thought there was no way that he would not want to fight Conor again. But after speaking to him, I’m starting to get the idea that he doesn’t want to do it,” Cormier said on his show with Ariel Helwani. “And I don’t know if they’re going to be able to make him. I’m being honest with you — I’m starting to really feel now that he just kinda doesn’t want any part of it. And that to me is scary.

“Before, I thought alright, sure, say you won’t fight him but then go beat a guy. I think you should because you already won, you make a ton of money, as a friend, it makes sense. But I just don’t know if he’s going to do it. … He just wants to focus on obviously Justin Gaethje but I just don’t know. It’s a lot and it was a lot last time. The bus incident with the dolly and all the negative things said about his family and his religion.”

Cormier: McGregor Rematch Elevates Both Of Them

It says a lot about Nurmagomedov’s conviction if he remains strong in his desire to not face McGregor.

After all, it’s the biggest payday in the sport and Nurmagomedov’s profile increased tenfold when he defeated him the first time. But in the end, it’s all down to what he wants at this point.

“Honestly, even if they fight each other again, it elevates both of them,” Cormier added. “Conor elevated Khabib to a level…he gained 10 million followers by fighting Conor McGregor so let’s not act like he didn’t get elevated by Conor.

“But I just think it’s such a massive fight that it does help both and I don’t know if he wants to do business with him anymore. Because ultimately, it’s a business and we’re making money together and I don’t know if he wants to do business with him.”

You can watch the snippet below:

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