Datsik wants Aleksander Emelianenko’s address to hunt him down

The last time we composed a Datsik article, I mentioned that we would be taking a break from the only MMA fighter we know that masquerades around as a mentally ill Neo-Nazi until he murders someone and (or) dies. Now that he has called out Aleksander Emelianenko to a fight, one of those previously mentioned stipulations just may be covered.

Datsik cut another YouTube video to essentially call out Aleksander Emelianenko to a fight, at his home address. Big thanks to Andrei Orlovski for the translation.

“I have got few things to say to some comrades, roosters like Sasha Emelianenko [in this case rooster = homosexual in general, usually a man who is forced to have sex with other men in prison, Russian ‘петух’].”

“First of all … didn’t you mix something up? Do you see a sportsman in me? I am not such…you wanted to show me what pain means? So you rooster [homosexual] tell me your address and we will meet. And I don’t see you being a sportsman either…in the near future. I see you as a Jewish guy’s ho, who licks Finkelstein’s [expletive]. And your tattoos, I see you have removed them, they were fake ones huh? So your near future is being a sex slave in any prison. And how people end up there you know better…your own homosexuals/black friends [referring with racist comment towards non-Russian people] with show your spot in the prison. If you are such a superman, so cool and a super fighter and want to teach me something just leave your address, you don’t have to catch me, I will find you myself…”

We’ve all seen the clip of Aleksander Emelianenko knocking out Eddy Bengtsson with that mysterious phantom jab so don’t be surprised if Alek uses the same mental telepathy to debilitate Datsik while he sits on his sofa doing whatever Russian guys who sit on sofas do. [Source]

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