Datsik tries to immigrate to Norway, gets arrested, hands over a loaded gun to police and we have it all on video

There are very few people on this earth that can ‘out crazy’ Viacheslav Datsik and no, Mel Gibson is not one of them. If there was some magical tree that produced little badass fruit that soccer kicked everyone in the groin upon sight, that tree would be named after Viacheslav Datsik. By now you’re familiar with Datsik’s arrest in St. Petersburg, Russia after he knocked off a chain of cell phone stores, his recent escape from a mental institution by ripping down the gates with his bare hands, the hype video he cut of himself training for his return to MMA and his former psychiatrist confirming that he is indeed completely out of his mind. Today, the nuttiness that is Datsik has elevated to a new realm of sheer ‘WTFness’.

MiddleEasy reader Petter J has tipped me off to one of the most ridiculously insane Datsik stories that is apparently making headlines in Norway at the moment. Whenever a Norwegian headline reads ‘Armed Nazi-Russian tore down fence and escaped to Norway’, you just know the LOLcopter is not that far away. It appears that Viacheslav Datsik tried to get his ‘green card’ into Norway but was apprehended by the police after he handed over a loaded gun in the immigration office. As of right now, Datsik and two of his friends are in a Norwegian jail and the government is making arrangements for the group to return to Russia. It also seems the case was transferred to an organized crime unit due to alleged ties with Datsik and ‘Vigrid’, a Norwegian Neo-Nazi organization.

Yes, I realize all of that sounds unbelievable, but thank you for reminding me.

Throughout all of this, Datsik managed to record everything on video and then post it on YouTube. God bless this internet stuff. Enjoy. [Source]

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