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Darren Till Already Plans UFC Middleweight Title Run, Hopes To Evade Yoel Romero

Darren Till Already Plans UFC Middleweight Title Run, Hopes To Evade Yoel Romero

Darren Till: “When I Take UFC Welterweight Belt, I Want To Defend It And Go Up To Middleweight, But I Wouldn’t Like To Fight Yoel Romero”


It looks like Darren Till wasn’t joking when he said he doesn’t care about his family, but only belts and legacy. Despite he later said that he is only very selfish until September 8th, his current statements make us wonder. The biggest fight of his career at UFC 228 main event versus Tyron Woodley hasn’t even started yet. But The Gorilla already plots UFC Middleweight title run!

There were only five two-division champions in the history of UFC – Daniel Cormier, Georges St-Pierre, Conor McGregor, BJ Penn, and Randy Couture. Easier said than done, right?

Till’s decision to go a division up sounds like a reasonable choice. After all, he missed the UFC Welterweight scale two times in his last four fights. In the first place, it happened versus Jessin Ayari at UFC Fight Night 109 on May 28, 2017. He weighed around 176 pounds. The second time was when he fought Stephen Thompson at UFC Fight Night 130 on May 27, 2018. Till’s weight was 174.5 pounds.

Darren Till was speaking to the assembled media at the UFC Performance Institute. The Gorilla wants to take UFC Welterweight belt, defend it, and go to Middleweight division. Yet, he would like to go to the top gradually. He believes there are few good fighters in the 185-pound division. But Till also stated he wouldn’t decline Middleweight title fight if it is offered by UFC! (via

“When I take that belt, I want to defend that belt and then I want to go up to middleweight, but that doesn’t mean that I want to go up and challenge the champion. I would like to earn my stripes in that division too. I feel there are a lot of good guys in that division.”

“I believe in life you have to earn your stripes. If I did go to middleweight in the UFC and they offered me the title I’m not going to say no. But I’m saying I’d love to earn my stripes, fight the top five, top ten. For me, going up to middleweight, I’m not focusing on the belt because I know I’m the best; I know I’ll win that belt as well.”

Darren Till wants to stay away from Yoel Romero at all costs. He says The Soldier Of God is a real beast. The Gorilla claims he is glad since Romero went one division up.

“There’s one guy that I wouldn’t like to fight, Yoel Romero. I’m glad he’s gone up, he’s a f*ckin’ beast,” Till admitted, laughing.

What do you think of this? Darren Till hasn’t even won Tyron Woodley, and he already plans UFC Middleweight run as if the job is finished?! Is The Gorilla digging himself a hole? Should he pull a handbrake?


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Darren Till Planning To Move To Middleweight, But Avoids Yoel Romero Fight
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