Darren Till: I Beat Thompson But Wonderboy Deserves A Title Shot

Home fighter Darren Till defeated the welterweight number one contender Stephen Thompson via unanimous decision on Sunday afternoon at UFC Liverpool. All three judges in the Echo Arena scored the fight for Till 48-47, 49-46, 49-46.

The contest was close, and competitive one could have gone to either fighter, and larger controversy generated online when Till was granted 49-46 scores on two of the judges’ cards.

Wonderboy landed well in the second and third frame with his counterstrikes that Till did not seem to prepared for. While homeboys’ success came in the fifth round when he finally grabs Thompson against the cage and hurled an overhand left hook that dropped Wonderboy.

Till continued to be apologetic about the botched weight cut at UFc Fight Night 130 that put the main headliner bout in jeopardy, but Thompson agreed to the fight as long Till weighed less than 188lb and forfeited 30% of his purse. (via MMAMania)

”I couldn’t care less,” Till said when asked about a title shot. “I think Stephen deserves a go at the interim more than myself. I know I just beat him in a close fight, but give it to Stephen. He made weight and he’s still number one and beat more guys than me, so give it to him. I’m a realist, I’m not going to sit here and bulls**t anyone. I’m not going to bulls**t myself, and I’m certainly not going to bulls**t you. So give it to Stephen. I’m just going to go and train.

“I missed weight, so I don’t feel I deserve a title shot anyway,” Till added. “I missed weight. So there you go, right away. I don’t deserve it. I feel like Stephen deserves it. Whoever wins out of the interim, maybe Stephen or [Kamaru] Usman. They deserve it more.”

Till said he has a plan in mind how he’ll come back to a title shot and in the midst of recent circumstances, he said diet and weight control will be a key focuses going forward.

”I still want to beat them all in the division,” he said. “I want to come back and put that weight thing behind me. … I’m ashamed. I am a professional, and I’m a big guy for the weight, and I’ve got to get it more under control. I’ve made weight before. I’ve just got to get it more under control now. Adversity, good or bad, I’ll take it.”

Fighters work hard all their career to reach a title shot some-even don’t get that honor, but Till campaigning hard to tell UFC to not grant him a title bout.

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