Video: Darren Till does a bizarre interview next to a baby crib about being arrested, being KO’d by Masvidal

Darren Till Bizarre Interview

No other way to say it but Darren Till is just a weird dude. Maybe the MMA world just never noticed it or decided to ignore it, but Till is operating on a different page than the rest of us; and maybe not in a good way.

No disrespect to any of it because MMA is always in need on unique cats to throw hands. Just the farther Darren Till floats away from the protected UFC PR pool, the further he drowns himself.

When Till goes rogue, he just flies off the deep end into the Midnight Zone.

Take this latest interview with Jim Edwards of Fighters Only. Now watch the interview again and focus only on Edwards’ reactions to Till’s bizarre answers. Is this an interview or a hostage situation? As anyone from the MMA community at large checked up on old Jimbo after the the camera went off?

The video is worth the watch, if only to see how far close to the edge Till goes to the edge. Till looks down into a never ending pit and just shrugs his shoulders. These are type of the verbal moments Till lives for but has no idea how to navigate yet.

UFC bet big on Darren Till and got burned not once, but twice. Now it kind of feels like the UFC ditched Till off on a corner and he’s forced to fend for himself.

Check out Weird Man/Truth Sayer Till preach to the sky on getting arrested, getting choked out by Woodley, getting knocked silly by Masvidal, and much more.

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