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Darren Till: “I Was A Little Bit Shocked Because Of Size Advantage To Tyron Woodley”

Darren Till: “I Was A Little Bit Shocked Because Of Size Advantage To Tyron Woodley”

Darren Till Says He Was “A Little Bit” Astonished Due To His Size Difference Over Tyron Woodley


Darren Till has been known for controversial statements lately. First, he doesn’t care about his family and pregnant wife. Then the famous spa-spar misunderstanding with Mike Perry. But only a week ahead of UFC 228, Till is “a little bit” surprised with the size advantage to his opponent, Tyron Woodley.

This wouldn’t be that much fun. But Darren Till is 190 cm tall, compared to Woodley’s 175 cm. Darren Till is one of the tallest Welterweight fighters in the history of UFC. (via

“A little bit,” Till replied this week at a media day in Las Vegas when asked if he was surprised by how much bigger he was than Woodley when they faced off.

Till thanks to his posture for looking so tall. Yet, he noted he looked significantly bigger when he and Tyron had the first face-off a few weeks ago.

“I think, as I’ve said a few times now, I just make myself look big; I puff my chest out, I put my arms up in the air. It was that stance that made me look bigger. I was, on that day, significantly bigger than Tyron,” he said.

On the other side, Darren Till also thinks Tyron Woodley is a big guy in the octagon. He says the champ has big legs, chest, and arms.

“I just think, with his top off, Tyron is a big guy. His chest is buff, he’s got big arms and huge legs. In the Octagon there will be a slight difference, but not massively because he is a big dude,” Till said.

Now one more interesting fact. Till’s reach is 190 cm, while Woodley’s reach is 188 cm! So when it comes to hand length, The Gorilla has a very slight advantage! What do you think, who will win the UFC 228 main event showdown?

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