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Daniel Cormier Buries ‘Loser’ Jon Jones After Recent Exchange, ‘Bones’ Claps Back

Following their recent back and forth where DC was accused of quitting MMA, Daniel Cormier utterly berates Jon Jones in response

Daniel Cormier Buries ‘Loser’ Jon Jones After Recent Exchange, ‘Bones’ Claps Back

Not only is the rivalry between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones is one the most legendary in MMA history, but it seems like it will never end. This rang true yet again, when their most recent saga of beefing continued.

Jones and Cormier have been actively beefing for over five years now, despite the fact that they have fought twice inside the Octagon (and once in a hotel lobby). Most recently things began to fire back up again with DC saying that Jon is ineligible for the GOAT discussion due to his PED failures. This prompted a response from Jonny Bones, who accused Daniel of essentially running away with his tail between his legs after losing to Stipe Miocic in their trilogy fight. 

Daniel Cormier Roasts Jon Jones

If you thought this was the end of the beef, then you are sorely mistaken. Daniel Cormier caught wind of the comments that Jon was making, and decided to respond. Taking to Twitter, he completely roasted his former opponent, bringing up all the things he did while Jon was dealing with his USADA issues.

“Dummy, after I lost to you, while you were on PEDs mind you, I won back the 205 title, then won the HW title, then back surgery, then Stipe beat me 2x. Sure sounds like quitting, huh? I’m 41 years old. Let’s see what you’re doing at 41, you loser. I can’t wait. 😂” wrote Cormier.

Jon Jones Claps Back

These comments from Cormier prompted a response from Jones. Again, taking to Twitter the former light heavyweight champ took more shots at his rival. He then followed that up by sharing the video of DC in tears while speaking with Joe Rogan after getting TKO’d by Jones.

“Is that any way to talk to your superior Daniel? 😂 By the time I’m 40 I’ll be about five years into my retirement. That’s what happens when you win the big ones 🤷🏾‍♂️ Who knows maybe you’ll be the best high school coach who ever lived, pulling for you buddy”

“And then there’s this, always makes a great closing argument. Don’t talk shit and I won’t have to be so mean. Poke the lion and I may just hurt your feelings 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m here all day ladies and gentlemen”

Who do you think got the better of this exchange between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier? Will this rivalry ever end?

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