Daniel Cormier Fires Back At Tony Ferguson For Cocaine Allegations: “He Has Issues With Khabib”

'DC' responded to the allegations of cocaine use by Tony Ferguson

Daniel Cormier, Tony Ferguson
Credit: ESPN MMA, Tony Ferguson (via YouTube & Instagram)
  • Daniel Cormier has fired back at Tony Ferguson for alleged drug use
  • Cormier believes Ferguson’s troubles stem from his problem with Khabib Nurmagomedov

Earlier this month, Tony Ferguson fired shots at the former two-division champion Daniel Cormier. ‘El Cucuy’ alleged drug use in a series of tweets targeting Cormier. While the two went back and forth online, Cormier has now issued a proper response to Ferguson.

Tony Ferguson has issues with Khabib

At UFC 274, Charles Oliveira became the first champion to be stripped of his title due to missing weight. Tony Ferguson was quick to show his support for Oliveira, who missed the limit by just half a pound. ‘El Cucuy’ took to Twitter to post an old video of Daniel Cormier seemingly holding onto a towel to make weight.

Ferguson believes that Cormier should’ve been stripped of his title on the occasion and continued to trade verbal jabs with him. The shocking part of the whole scuffle was the allegation of Cormier using cocaine by Ferguson.

Following his first knockout loss to Michael Chandler, the 38-year-old was quick to make his appearance back in public. Doing multiple interviews, he expressed a desire to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov in any sports format.

Daniel Cormier fires back at Ferguson

In a recent episode of the DC & RC show on ESPN MMA, Daniel Cormier fired back at Ferguson for his baseless claims. DC believes it’s his relationship with former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov that causes a rift between the two.

“‘Enjoy your retirement with fathead’, so what he’s talking about is, ‘enjoy my retirement with Khabib.’ That is one of the biggest issues that I have had with Tony Ferguson, is literally my relationship with Khabib. I did an interview with him for my YouTube channel the other day and bro we’re talking off-air, it was fine. We spoke about wrestling, our heroes, all these great things. The interview starts and he immediately brings up Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“As we’re going forward in the interview, I ask him a follow-up question on that. I go, ‘Tony, do you think maybe you should live in the now, not worry about Khabib. That’s a confrontation that you never got to have. And he’s threatening to walk off the interview.”

“Now, he comes at me. ‘Bro, what are you worried about me for?’ Michael Chandler kicked you in the face”

“He has these issues with Khabib, and because of these issues with Khabib, he continues to come at me which I don’t quite understand. When you lose in the way that he did, you gotta go away for a little bit, man. Like, take some time, recover, get your mind back in a place where you can compete effectively instead of trying to fight with the guy that commentates the fight. He attacked me, he attacked [Joe] Rogan, he attacked everybody but Jon Anik. Which is very weird because one time we got into a fighter meeting and he wouldn’t speak to Jon Anik! So the guy’s just all over the place. It’s kind of crazy, dude needs to take a break and rest and recover. Because this dude’s trippin’.”

Cormier stands firm on his ground and seems to have good intentions toward Ferguson. However, an allegation as serious as drug use is bound to piss a family man like him off. He suggested Ferguson take some time off and let go of the contest against Khabib.

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