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Daniel Cormier Describes The Critical Error Darren Till Made Versus Tyron Woodley

Daniel Cormier Describes The Critical Error Darren Till Made Versus Tyron Woodley

Daniel Cormier: “The Only Person That Should Ever Throw A Lead Uppercut, Punch Down The Middle Is Conor McGregor, Darren Till Lost Because Of That!”

We haven’t seen much action from Darren Till in his title fight against Tyron Woodley at UFC 228. He landed less than 10 clean shots.

But The Gorilla made a big mistake. He tried to connect leading right uppercut with his left straight punch. And, unfortunately, The Gorilla forgot to raise his left arm up. The distance was too small. It opened up the space for Woodley’s short right hook that dropped him. Darren Till was heavily rocked after that and lost the match via D’Arce choke in the second round. The current UFC two-division champion, Daniel Cormier, had his own vision of that.

Daniel Cormier spoke with Joe Rogan and Jon Anik shortly after the match. DC believes The Gorilla tried a very risky combination he couldn’t pull off. Daniel Cormier also stated Conor McGregor is the only man who could deliver leading uppercut – rear cross combo without fatal consequences. Cormier also took the fight between Chuck Liddell and Rashad Evans at UFC 88 on September 6, 2008, as a negative example. (via

“Darren Till threw one shot,” Daniel Cormier said. “When he finally decided to go — I’ve always hated this combination. The only person that should ever throw a lead uppercut, punch down the middle is Conor McGregor. He’s the only person that has successfully done that time and time again. Conor goes uppercut, straight left hand. Everybody else: stop! No I’m serious. Everybody else, stop! Chuck Liddell almost got killed against Rashad Evans because [he did] that. And now look at Darren Till! You can not throw that. It’s a flawed technique. Because when you do this, and you’re loading that counter-hand, when you’re loading that second punch… You are so exposed [to the counter].”

Do you agree with Daniel Cormier? Do you think Darren Till should have increased the distance before trying it against a smaller opponent? It is visible that Till’s left hand was in the level of his hips! It is a beginner’s mistake! Also, Tyron Woodley moved his head slightly backward. This combination is very risky for southpaw fighters by itself if the uppercut is missed!

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