Daniel Cormier Apologizes To Anthony Johnson: By Calling Him F*king Soft And End The Feud

In MMA world apologies don’t come around that often. Well, Daniel Cormier (19-1-1 MMA, 8-1-1 UFC) UFC heavyweight champion caused a drama last week by calling former challenger Anthony Johnson (22-6 MMA, 13-6 UFC) f*cking soft as he has a buddy-buddy relationship with Jon Jones. In return, Johnson called him back with “Cry Baby ass.” and said Daniel and him were never friends. That spark the fires and bout start in the middle of Las Vegas streets.

Daniel Cormier recently on MMAjunkie Radio appearance, he realized that he was at fault and took his words back by calling Johnson soft.

“After Rumble put that post up, I tweeted him, but then I texted him because I was mad, like, ‘I’m mad. I want to fight.’ The reality is, I texted him and I said some things that weren’t very cool, but then I was talking to somebody that means a lot to me and they said, ‘Why are you so mad? You started it. You said stuff and you’re mad at him.’

“So the reality is, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have called him soft. I didn’t like the action but why do I expect so much out of him? Why do I expect him to not be able to be respectful and still compete at the highest level of the sport?

“So I walk it back a little bit. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said anything about him being soft. Everybody does not have to view competition like I do and I think that’s why – if he wants to be friends with [Jon] and be nice and cordial, then fine. What does that matter to me?”

Anthony Johnson is currently embroiled in rumors to return to fighting business after his surprising retirement following his loss to Daniel at UFC 210. They both met in the Octagon twice at UFC 187 and UFC 210, in fact, both bouts ended in rear-naked-choke submission wins by Cormier. Johnson’s manager Ali Abdel-Aziz told to MMA hour Johnson would be meeting to UFC for his possible return to the Octagon. This time in Heavyweight division. In return Cormier replied, hope those rumors are correct. He wants to make amends.

“I said it before: I hope he comes back because he should be fighting. He’s that good, but it was just so quick. . . It just seemed like he should have taken a little more time in regards to making that decision, but who am I to pick when he retires? I’ve just got a different way of viewing stuff, man. I guess that’s why I am who I am.

Daniel Cormier offered his sincere apology to Anthony Johnson AKA Rumble:

“I need to talk to Rumble and try to either apologize or make it right in some way, shape, or form. The reality is, I was wrong. Not everybody should view competition like I do. So to Anthony Johnson, I apologize. I should not have said that. I should not have said that. I should not have said that and because I said it, I have to truly expect him to respond and he did and because he responded, I should not try to fight him in the streets of Las Vegas. I’ve got to be better than that.”

That sounds a pretty legit apology.

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