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Daniel Cormier Picks Israel Adesanya To Beat Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier Says That Now Is The Time To Make Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya, Picks Izzy To Win

Daniel Cormier Picks Israel Adesanya To Beat Jon Jones

It seems that the heat between Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya has been turning up more than ever lately. Daniel Cormier thinks that the UFC should book the fight now, and he even gives a prediction on how the fight would go.

The rivalry between Jones and Adesanya has almost gotten to the point of Jon’s rivalry with Cormier. While things have not gotten physical yet, the type of trash talk between the former light heavyweight champ and the current middleweight champ has been reaching extremely personal levels. Not only have they been going back and forth for a while, but now they have recently brought up sensitive topics such as Jon’s deceased mother. This has many questioning if a fight between the two is in the making, with Dana White seemingly on board with the idea.

Daniel Cormier Picks Israel Adesanya To Win

Whether or not the UFC is trying to book the fight is still to be determined, but Daniel Cormier certainly wants to see it happen now. Speaking on DC and Helwani, the former champ-champ explained that this is the best time to make the fight happen. Moreover, he takes things a step further by saying he would pick Adesanya to win the fight.

“It’s the time. Right now is the time,” Cormier says.

“DC, this is like the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak,” Helwani responded. “You can’t risk having Jon Jones lose his streak to some jabroni. You can’t. You lose it to Izzy, potentially, and now the torch has been passed.”

“Wait, so you’re picking Izzy?” Cormier asked. “You just said…so you’re picking Izzy too? You’re picking Izzy too? Because I’m picking Izzy! You’re picking Izzy too, I’m picking Izzy.”

Do you agree with Daniel Cormier, that now is the right time to book Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya? How do you see that fight playing out?

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