Dana White’s facial expression after the Lawler vs. Condit decision proves MMA judging is the worst

So who really won the UFC 195 main event between champion Robbie Lawler and challenger Carlos Condit? Half the MMA community say “Robbie Lawler, you our jobs!!!” while the other equally informed half of the MMA community says “Carlos Condit, rubble, rubble?!?”. Though both viewpoints are valid the ten-point must system and MMA judging in general just simply sucks.

The main event of UFC 195 will not win “robbery of the year” in 2016 because it was a really close fight and MMA judges have 362 more days of screwing up MMA decisions left to do. Over the last 15 years how has MMA judging gotten worse rather than shown any signs of improvement?

Something should be done, something has to be done but will the UFC, as the Super Bowl of the sport, get off their ass and be proactive or continue to let the outcomes of their fights get decided by the same group of people who have shown more times than not they do not know how to score a cage-fight?

Dana White’s face after the scorecards were read sums up the faces of the MMA world as a whole. Its 2016 but practice that D White face in the mirror so your facial features are properly prepped for the next MMA judging robbery, swindle, fix, conspiracy, act of incompetence, heist, controversy, and or shitty decision that is thrown at you over the next 12 months.

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