Dana White wraps up just about every question you had post UFC 131. Then he gets mad at Bob Arum.

Regardless of what Nick Diaz or Rampage think, Ariel Helwani is awesome. You know no matter what, the dude will be there to get solid interviews from whoever he shoves a sound stick (microphone) in front of.

Things have been rough for Ariel lately with run ins with the aforementioned Diaz and Rampage, maybe that’s why he has a Logan/Weapon X style beard coming in? Intimidation factor. A few years of the horsemeat diet and Ariel will no longer be eyed warily by Rampage Jackson. Questions will be answered with fear. Fear and respect.

If that is the case, Ariel, buy a tiny microphone to make your hand look huge. That will help too.

Ariel met up with Dana White after UFC 131 last night and got an answer to just about every question you could have thought of asking. Then erstwhile boxing promoter Bob Arum gets brought up and Dana goes off.


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