Dana White will be in the palm of your hand this summer

For some people it’s a dream to become an action figure. Not me. I know what happens to little plastic people, they get an M-80 placed between their legs and there is nothing they can do but watch as that fuse burns down. It’s like every James Bond movie, but 007 never escapes. One of my fondest memories of childhood is the day my Dad brought home a box of M-80’s and I blew the hell out of my entire GI-Joe collection. This was the 80’s so these were the real M-80’s, almost like quarter sticks of dynamite. Smoldering plastic limbs were strewn about in my sandbox, some still clutching their weapons. No one made it out, Cobra or Joe.
I’m sure Dana White has blown up a few action figures in his day, and now he can have the pleasure of blowing up his own tiny plastic doppelganger…and so can you. Jakks has announced a Dana White action figure and it’s heading exclusivley to Toys R Us stores this summer. Now Wolverine can finally take on Dana White in a cage match!


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