Dana White Warned Ali Abdelaziz And Forrest Griffin To Stop Sparring

UFC president Dana White has sent out warnings to some of his friends to stop sparring if you are a retired fighter,

Dana White Ali Abdelaziz
Dana White Ali Abdelaziz on Instagram
UFC president Dana White has sent out a warning to some of his friends and colleagues. 
As president of the UFC, Dana White has seen many fighters come and go. He has been around the sport of mixed martial arts for a long time and was there in the beginning when the sport was still young. As the head of such a big fight organization, White has a duty to the fighters he employs to keep them safe. In 2015 the UFC brought in the services of the U.S Anti-Doping Agency to make sure the fighters were not taking performance-enhancing drugs. More recently the UFC has teamed up with different clinics in the U.S to study the effects of trauma on the brain. 
It is no secret that taking too much trauma to the head is not good for brain health. Many former fighters have come out to say they have experienced difficulties as a result of years of brain trauma. Dana White spoke recently in an interview with The Action Junkeez Podcast about his disdain for sparring for people who are not actively pursuing a fight career. 

Dana White Spoke about urging former fighters to stop live sparring

White told The Action Junkeez Podcast that he had to tell Ali Abdelaziz, a prominent MMA manager to stop sparring with his clients and friends. He told the same thing to former UFC champion Forrest Griffin. 

“I told all these guys this, I told Ali, the f–k are you doing sparring? Why? You don’t fight anymore? You know what I mean? There’s no secret about what f–king getting punched in the head does to you right? And listen if you make a decision in your life that that’s what you’re going to do to make a living, take care of your family, and hopefully make a sh-tload of money and do whatever, then as a grown man in this country you make that decision but to do it after you’re f–king done fighting and when you’re retired, for what to get in there and guy sh-t? You get like a guy like ‘Oh, come on spar with us’ you don’t want to say, I don’t spar anymore whatever, that’s what you should say. You know I had to tell Forrest to stop fu–king sparring, you know Skipper Kelp, he’s one of my best friends said, dude, no. I don’t give a f–k who it is. If women are punching you in the head it’s doing damage to you. There’s no upside.”
Abdelaziz commented on this post and confirmed it was true. He is grateful that White set him straight. 
“Yes this is 100% true he did tell me to stop sparring and I’m glad I stopped,” he wrote. “I’m so happy now.”
Some former fighters have been struggling with CTE or similar brain issues following their MMA career. Some are getting involved in trials and clinics to help prevent the next generation from having the same issues. Diego Sanchez is one man who is teaming up with the UFC for this research. 
Published on September 23, 2022 at 10:42 am
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