Dana White Unleashed On Guy Suing Michael Bisping For Assault A F**king Embarrassment

Earlier this week, some teen guy name Antonio Georgakopoulos filed a lawsuit against middleweight champ Michael Bisping, who claimed that he tried to choke him during an altercation at the gym.

During the media launch of UFC 217, Michael Bisping responded to lawsuit issue by calling it “total bollocks” and its “completely infactual.” UFC president Dana White also responded to that fiasco, backing up Michael Bisping and unleashed on Antonio.

“Some f**king meathead got into an altercation with Bisping at the gym and he’s now trying to sue him,” White told the Real Quick with Mike Swick podcast recently. “I gotta talk to Bisping but I’m sure it’s that typical p**sy who opens his mouth at the f**king gym, then Bisping goes over and – I don’t know what Bisping did to him, but now he wants to f**king sue Bisping. You should have shut your f**king face in the first place.

“F**king embarrassing. You’re a clown. Guys like him are a f**king embarrassment.”

There’s still not a lot of details on exactly what went down come on the surface, but people already are taking sides. After the altercation, Bisping made an aggressive statement “You don’t know who I am!” and “Let’s take this outside,” even after both were separated. Dana White said he heard the other version of the story and still blames this guy.

“You got some meathead saying ‘Hey, that’s my bench’ and trying to act like a f**king tough guy in the gym. Yeah, he’s such a tough guy he’s suing Bisping now. Apparently the guy said to Bisping, “Do you f**king know who I am?” That’s what he said to Bisping. Yeah, you’re the guy that sues people. F**king p**sy.

“But this is all second-hand that I heard from one of our people. I’ve got to get it first -hand from him, exactly how it went down.”

At the moment Michael Bisping is keeping a tight-lipped on the lawsuit issue, but he wasn’t arrested on the evening of the incident, as per Anaheim police they haven’t found enough evidence to file a criminal case. Bisping is facing Georges St-Pierre on November 4 at UFC 217 at Madison Square Garden.


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