Dana White Says Broken Nose Led To Miesha Tate’s Loss Against Amanda Nunes

Dana White reveals what mistake Miesha Tate made before losing to Amanda Nunes, and says that he is excited to see her return

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Former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate revealed that she was coming out of retirement to try earning another shot at the title. Dana White is excited to see her back, but has some interesting reasons for that.

White has always been a fan of Tate, as has most of the UFC fanbase. In her time in the sport, she became a beloved figure known for her rivalry with Ronda Rousey, and last-minute come from behind win over Holly Holm to win the title.

After losing to Amanda Nunes, Tate had one more bout against Raquel Pennington, another fight that she lost. Following that fight, she decided to announce her retirement from the sport, as the surprising age of just 30 years old.

Dana White Warned Miesha Tate Not To Fix Her Nose

Typically Dana White is not a fan of fighters who come back from retirement, but he does not feel that same way about Miesha Tate. In fact, he says that he is rather excited that Tate announced her comeback, to face off against Marion Reneau.

Speaking to TMZ recently, the UFC bossman explained that he tried to warn Miesha to not fix her broken nose, before she fought Amanda Nunes, but she did not listen and paid the price. That, combined with the fact that she is now a mother, makes Dana excited to see how she looks in her return.

“I’m going to tell you the difference with women. She went and had babies. She went out and started a family,” White said.

“The other thing that she did, and I told her not to do this, right before her last fight she got her nose fixed because she had some damage to her nose. She got her nose fixed, I told her ‘Don’t do it. I’ll fix your nose when you’re done. When you’re done, we’ll fix your nose.

“She did it, and if you watch the Amanda Nunes fight, she gets hit by Amanda Nunes in the nose, and she didn’t like it. Her and I haven’t talked about this, but big mistake,” White continued.

“Over the last five years, obviously she’s given her nose plenty of time to heal. So she had some kids, started a family, got her nose straight, and… I’m happy for her.”

That is a bit of an odd “told ya so” flex from Dana White, but regardless of that he is pumped to see Miesha Tate back in the Octagon, as are most people. It should be a solid run for her this time around, provided her nose is fully healed.


Amanda Nunes vs Juliana Pena

Speaking of Amanda Nunes, Dana White was asked what is next for the bantamweight and featherweight champ. He explained that Juliana Pena has been vying for her crack at Amanda, and that he plans on granting that wish.

“I’ll give you a little something that we’ve been talking about right now. So, Juliana Pena has been driving me f—king bananas. Will not stop terrorizing me that she deserves this fight, you know Amanda Nunes this, Amanda Nunes that, Amanda’s ducking. her, Amanda doesn’t want her because the style doesn’t match up well for Amanda. So I’m thinking about doing Pena and Nunes.”

How do you think Amanda Nunes vs Juliana Pena will go?

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