Dana White suspends Chael Sonnen’s UFC contract

We’re going to reveal our ‘Free Chael Sonnen’ shirt today for pre-order, so everyone just take it easy, egh? Everyone just continue to consume their Sausage Egg McMuffin and drink their leftover bottle of Heineken from last night. It might be lukewarm, but you can never let a beer go ‘missing in action’. If you do, then you’re simply not a responsible pseudo-alcoholic.

Continuing with their trend of breaking heavy MMA news before any other site, TMZ spoke to Dana White about the enigma that is Chael Sonnen. No cameras were shoved in his face, nor was that blonde surfer guy on the show anywhere to be found. White commented on Chael’s contract and even mentioned that he ‘froze’ his contract due to Chael pleading guilty to real-estate money laundering.

“Chael Sonnen has gone through a lot in the last few months and we think it’s important for him to focus on getting his personal life together before focusing on his career in the UFC.”

“I spoke with Chael earlier today and he agrees that setting priorities in his life is the best thing for him right now. I sincerely hope Chael is able to straighten out his personal life.”

Props to Chael Sonnen’s Mexican doppelganger for successfully evading all questions and phone calls from Dana White. We sincerely hope Mexican Chael Sonnen continues to do whatever alleged doppelgangers do. [Source]

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