Dana White says ‘I’m at War’ with EA Sports

Why would anyone want to be at war with Dana White? Well why would anyone want to go to a verbal war with Dana White? Thumb war, I can handle. In fact, yeah, I can beat Dana White in a thumb war. That’s not even a question. I can probably beat Dana White in a couple of games of paper/rock/scissors too. Give me a pencil, and I’ll challenge him to pencil break also. I had a pretty good record in 4th grade. But if I had a company and I was on Dana White’s ‘poop list’ I would contact Harvard scientists as soon as possible to discover a way to get off that list. It’s just something you don’t want in your life…like testicle cancer. Here’s what Dana White had to say about Electronic Arts and banning fighters that will appear in the upcoming game:

“EA Sports told us, ‘You’re not a real sport. We wouldn’t touch this thing. We want nothing to do with this.’ We put our asses on the line, THQ and the UFC, to make a video-game deal in the worst economy in the world. We go out there and do this thing, and it’s successful, and now [expletive] EA Sports wants to do a video game. Really? That’s not what you told us a year-and-a-half ago. You told us you’d never be in business with us. They wouldn’t even take a meeting because mixed martial arts disgusted them. This wasn’t a real sport. Boy, that got over that real quick, didn’t they?…I’m not tap-dancing around this thing or whatever. I’m telling you straight-up, I’m at war with them right now. That’s how I look at it…You won’t be in the UFC,” 

But the real question is, who has the most money? EA or ZUFFA? Electronic Arts has been cashing in from that Madden money for nearly two decades. Not to mention they essentially closed out the entire Tony Hawk franchise with the introduction of ‘Skate’, the game that revolutionized all skating platform games. I just want to see something soon from EA, as long as I can play as Shinya Aoki and give my friends seizures from his 1986 hypercolor electric neon pants…I’m good. Baka Survivor! [Source]

Published on July 13, 2009 at 9:40 pm
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