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Dana White says Houston Alexander had ‘the worst gameplan ever’

Dana White says Houston Alexander had ‘the worst gameplan ever’

We all have to admit, Houston Alexander won the first round based on octagon distance traveled. Dude put a clinic out there for all future New York marathoners. Houston Alexander pulled a NASCAR and circled left the duration of the bout, a strategy that only Jeff Gordon could be proud of. A few kicks were thrown, Kimbo landed that devastating slam and the fight was over. Kimbo won the unanimous decision and Dana White had to throw his infamous two-cents in:

“I don’t know what Houston Alexander’s corner was doing, but that was the worst game plan they could have ever come up with…. I am not sure if Kalib Starnes was training him or what, but that wasn’t the Houston Alexander I had seen fight before. I don’t think I have to apologize to Kimbo. I helped him. I said what I did and he did the thing athletes do: He went out there and he worked and he made himself better. He deserves credit. He took me up on the offer I made, did what he had to do and went out and beat a legitimate UFC fighter.”

I guess all Dana White needs to do is throw a Kalib Starnes vs. Houston Alexander match and third-world countries could use the energy produced from their feet to power small villages across the world. [Source]

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