Dana White says Bones Jones is a year away from a title shot

Scientists should harness the power of Bones Jones’ elbows and do something productive like…fuel the entire nation of Indonesia or have a really cool pyrotechnic show at some monster truck rally in Arkansas. Alternatively, you can use it to break every bone in Brandon Vera’s face. There are very few things that exist on this earth that are worse than being ground and pounded by Jon Bones Jones and one of those things is being in a verbal [expletive] storm with Dana White. Fortunately, when Dana isn’t stripping away your self-esteem, he usually has positive things to say.

“Jon Jones has been the buzz for the last couple days. Things are blowing up about this guy. He’s young. This kid is like 22 years old. He’s so young I want to take it — I want to give him three good fights. Brandon Vera was a big test, he obviously passed with flying colors. I want to give him some other fights like that over the next year, next three fights. Then I say next year, after his next three fights, we start giving him, Rashad, Rampage, Lyoto Machida, Shogun — whoever the champion is. Maybe he gets a title fight next year.”

Despite being the next best thing since DVR, just know that if Bones Jones catches you smoking marijuana, he will turn you into the authorities. That’s a deal breaker for some. Well, replace ‘some’ with Joe Rogan. Jon Jones is also an avid fan of ‘Angry Johny‘ by Poe which sort of makes up for the fact that he could have never partied with my roommates at the University of Arizona. [Source]

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