Dana White says a UFC flyweight division will be coming soon

As of this morning, Yasuhiro Urushitani is the number one ranked flyweight in the world with Jussier da Silva following in a close second with a flawless 7-0 record. In fact, seven of the top ten ranked 125lbers are housed in either Shooto or Pancrase — or better known as the two organizations HDNet should have picked up years ago. You’ve never heard of these guys, yet some of you may front as if they’ve been in your MMA lexicon for years. It’s cool, we all do it to impress the opposite sex. However, chances are I’m the same gender as you. There’s nothing to impress. I already know that you have a strong affinity for ranch flavored Doritos. I also know that you can’t name the top five MMA flyweights out there — yet. Dana White seeks to take your current perspective on the MMA world and reassemble it in his image. At the post-fight press conference at UFC 122, Dana White mentioned that the UFC will do a 125lb division, and it will come sooner than later.

“Eventually we will do 125lbs. I believe we will open it up a lot sooner than people think we will. There are going to be more title fights in more places.”

Lighter guys in the UFC would attract the Asian and Latin-American audience, but I really didn’t have to tell you that. You already knew this, you little clairvoyant. Now if anyone can guess what this link goes to without clicking it, you’re a genius. If you said ‘the outro to Captain Planet’ then you’re right. [Source]

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