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Dana White prepared to pit Lesnar vs. Fedor for free

Dana White prepared to pit Lesnar vs. Fedor for free

A couple weeks ago Jerry Millen from M-1 Global said that if Dana White really wanted to assemble some Fedor vs. Lesnar action, Brock could just get a ticket to Russia and met up with The Last Emperor in his gym, after school style. Of course this was just before Lesnar’s intestines were leaking into his stomach (yum). Yesterday on MMAJunkie radio, White decided to take M-1 Global’s offer on throwing together Fedor vs. Brock absolutely free.

“They’ll do the fight for free? That’s [expletive] weird because I offered them millions of dollars to take the fight and he didn’t take it. Now [Emelianenko] wants to fight for free? When and where? I’d love him to fight for free.

“I’ll make that [expletive] fight right now for free. Let’s do it.”

“That’s funny that they say they’ll do it for free now when they were dealing with us and negotiating with us they wanted 50 percent of our business. They wanted 50 percent of our business to do that fight, but now they’ll do it for free?”

“We offered [Emelianenko] lots of money – so much money that it caused lots of [expletive] with our other fighters. That’s how much money we offered him. And guess what he said. ‘No, we want 50 percent of your business.’ That’s some Russian strong-arm [expletive]. They can get away with that [expletive] out in Russia to the baker that works down the street. They’re not coming to America and doing that.

“If Fedor wants to fight the best in the world, he can call right now. We can [expletive] cut a deal right this second, and we can do it.”

Wait, he’s not done with Jerry Millen.

“[Millen] is a [expletive] clown that talks out of his ass and has no business (discussing the negotiations). That guy is a nobody. When we did the big Fedor negotiations, you think he was in it? He wasn’t even in it. That guy’s full of [expletive]. Tell him to go frost his [expletive] hair again and beat it.

“You don’t think I want to make that fight? Of course I want to make that fight. But it takes two people to make a deal, not one guy.”

There you have it, Dana White wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to the guys at M-1 Global. Regardless of whatever happen, Brock Lesnar is probably laying on some sofa (some large sofa) at his ranch in Minnesota completely bummed that he almost died. Get well soon so we can see the belt on the line once again…and a free fight with Fedor. [Source]

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