Dana White Feels 35 Again After Drastically Changing His Lifestyle

Dana White is showing off his new and improved body after drastically changing up his lifestyle through diet.

Dana White

UFC president Dana White has made some big changes in his life and is now seeing the results.

The man behind the UFC, Dana White is always busy. He is running the biggest fight promotion in the world and is always on the move. Over the years the lifestyle he was living with stress and travel was beginning to affect him in a negative way. After reaching out to a health and mortality specialist he received shocking news. 

White has been working with a man named Gary Brecka of 10X Health Systems who after taking samples of White’s blood and DNA, gave him an estimate of ten years to live. White took this warning seriously and began to follow a protocol from Brecka. He now has lost 30 pounds and feels better than ever. 

“They do these tests on you and they know when you’re going to die,” he said on the Balancing Chaos Podcast, h/t The Mirror. “I became obsessed, he gave me 10.4 years [to live] and it completely changed my life. He sat down for three hours, walked me through my blood work, and told me everything that was wrong with me. He also told me what was wrong with my parents and he was right about everything. By the time I was done talking to him, I was absolutely blown away.”

Dana White is now in the best shape he has ever been in and credits this system for the changes

White said that this doctor was able to tell him all the things that were wrong with him just by the testing. He said he battled for years with sleep apnea and now it is gone. He detailed that the program has him on a Keto diet and has been working wonders.

 “I was borderline diabetic,” he said. “Now, I’m like 13 weeks in and I’m on the second phase of what he does, I don’t snore anymore. According to my wife – who used to have to sleep with earplugs, and I’d wake up three times a night gasping for air – she doesn’t hear a peep out of me anymore. My triglycerides went from 764 to under 300. I sleep seven or eight hours a night now, but the most important thing is I feel like I’m 35 years old again.”

In addition to the physical changes that White has seen, he claims that he has seen mental changes as well. He claims more clarity and memory improvements. He joked that taking care of himself takes more time but is worth it. He now has all his friends on the program as well. 

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