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Dana White Plays EA Sports UFC and Fails, Miserably

Dana White Plays EA Sports UFC and Fails, Miserably

We don’t expect everyone to be a gamer here at MiddleEasy because, well, not everyone is into that stuff. We are, you probably are, but we don’t expect Dana White to really be. Maybe Dana White is really into games? We don’t know, we suspect he doesn’t have much time to play games, though. He’s too busy flying on private jets, swearing a lot, making vlogs and blowing money at casinos in Vegas to just sit back and enjoy videogames. Even ones with the UFC logo on them.

This video from TSN in Canada shows Dana White talking about how Bruce Lee got into EA Sports UFC (duh) and what other “fantasy” names he’d consider for future UFC games. He basically green lights the idea for Chuck Norris and not much else, which is fine. What stuck out to me was that the dude had to Google Mitsuyo Maeda after talking about how important Bruce Lee was for MMA. Bruce Lee’s importance to MMA is tenuous, at best, while Mitsuyo Maeda is literally one of the grandfathers of Mixed Martial Arts. I mean, there would not be modern MMA without Maeda and he had to Google the guy.

I don’t know, man. The Zuffa myth has taken on its own level of importance and significance to where they believe it now. They believe it. Frank Shamrock never happened, man. He’s an illusion.

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