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Dana White not happy about UFC 102

Dana White not happy about UFC 102

So it seems like Dana White was not happy about the results of UFC 102. Dude was the only one because judging from all the spilled beer in my apartment, everyone seemed to enjoy it (and didn’t stay after to clean up, typical). Apparently it wasn’t the quality of the fights but the attendance from the Portlanders (Portlandanese?) which UFC 102 only pulled 16,088 at the gate (Strikeforce: Carano/Cyborg managed to nab 13,976). While still high numbers, Dana White aims to literally take over the world one city at a time…something he’s been pretty on par with so far:

“I’m my own worst critic, and I got a lot of [expletive] critics, believe me…I’m a little disappointed that we missed the mark on this thing. I think as great as we did, we could have done better.”

“The people from Nike were here tonight. All the big top-dogs from Nike were like, ‘You don’t come to a sporting event in Portland and see all these women here.’ Everybody’s telling me how successful this thing was and how great it was, but to me, I know personally we missed it and we could have done better.”

“I’m pissed off that we’re not the No. 1 gate in the history of this place…That bums me out because I think we could have done it had we dialed it in right. But we’re going a million miles an hour, jumping on all these things.

“I’ve got this thing priced, ticket-wise, for the same price I’ve got L.A. priced for. [Expletive] stupid. We messed up here. I’m a little bummed out about that. We didn’t sell it out like I think we should have, but it was a great night. Like I said, in saying that, it’s still one of the top-five gates in history here.”

“We missed the mark here”


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