Dana White gets animated, and it’s absolutely ridiculous

Since I’ve been on this earth, I’ve had a conversation with one billionaire. It was Mark Cuban and he said he ‘loves the site’. I still have the email hanging on the wall to prove it to myself. No one else really cares. It was a day where I immediately felt like if a billionaire approached me, I should frame the correspondence and hang it somewhere in my living room. Just on that day. If Mark Cuban would have emailed me the next day, it would probably still be sitting in my Inbox next to some guy in Nigeria that wants to give me his dead uncle’s inheritance. While Dana White is not quite a billionaire (yet), it’s impossible to put a price on the guy’s vernacular. That’s why when a Dana White cartoon comes along that depicts him laughing uncontrollably without saying a single word, it’s interesting — to say the least. Check out this cartoon of Dana White’s reaction shortly after Fedor was defeated by Bigfoot Silva. [Source]

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