Dana White finally gives his opinion on the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand-Prix

When CNN interviewed the victims of Hurricane Katrina, most said ‘I could have been dead — or even worse’. That ‘even worse’ they’re talking about is being a victim of Dana White’s verbal wrath. Distance is no obstacle for Dana, he can call you an [expletive] from half-way across the world and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. For the past few weeks, Dana white has been relatively quiet regarding the imminent Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand-Prix that is sure to redefine your beliefs as to how much rawesome can fit within an HD signal. Now a video has surfaced of Dana White giving his opinion on the eight-man tournament, but it’s not what you expect. Granted, I have no idea what you expect in life, but I can only make assumptions that are based on what I would imagine you would expect — and they’re generally right. Props to Eric for the find.

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