Dana White didn’t think The Simpsons MMA epsiode was funny

Here’s a brief summary of the MMA flavored ‘The Simpsons’ episode just in case you missed it: Bart gets Nelson in a triangle, Marge thinks MMA is whack, I spilled orange juice over my desk, Marge fights with The Simpsons equivalent of Dana White and wins. End of episode. It was hilarious and everyone across America finally knew how to properly execute an armbar on behalf of Marge Simpson. Everyone was laughing except Dana White. Dude didn’t dig it. In an interview with USA Today, White reveals why he thinks the episode was garbage: 

“I was disappointed…I think it was typical of people that don’t know anything about the sport. I know it’s for fun, but the second half of it really wasn’t even funny.”

And for those that want a list of things he didn’t like because you’re entirely too nosy:

• Children imitating MMA moves on the playground.

• The crowd dashing out after Marge’s fight to see two drunk guys fighting in the parking lot. “Which is the furthest thing from the truth at a mixed martial arts event,” White says. “That’s the Red Sox-Yankees game. That’s not a UFC event.”

• The promoter fighting and sucker-punching Marge. “He says you’re the first woman I’ve hit that I didn’t love — stuff like that really bothered me,” White says.

There you have it. A list of things Dana White did not like about The Simpsons’ MMA episode. The universe is safe and now you can rest peacefully at night. [Source]

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