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Dana White: ‘There Will Never Be Another Conor McGregor’

Dana White: ‘There Will Never Be Another Conor McGregor’

Dana White Makes Bold Proclamation About Conor McGregor

It is safe to say that no single person has made Dana White as much money, as Conor McGregor. In his opinion, nobody will be able to do what the Irishman does.

You can say a lot of things about Conor McGregor. However, the one thing that you can not deny, is that he changed the game. His arrival opened doors for the UFC, that they likely would not have been able to without him. Additionally, he holds essentially all records, in terms of sales and profits.

Part of the reason McGregor has been so successful, is his ability on the mic. He has created many beefs, with many fighters. Subsequently, this has caused other fighters to attempted to replicate McGregor’s style. This results in way too many cringey, fake beefs that most people see through.

Included in this list of people, is UFC President Dana White. White spoke at the Hashtag Sports event, discussing how others try to mimic the antics of McGregor. (via MMAMania)

“It happens. When you see a guy who’s as successful as he is and he’s fun, I mean you see the guy’s fun and everything else, and you start thinking ‘well maybe if I act like this, I’ll have what he has.’ There’s only one Conor McGregor. People will always ask me ‘do you think you’ll ever find another Conor McGregor? are you trying to find another Conor McGregor? There will never be another Conor McGregor. But there will be somebody else who’s different in their own way. And they will become a star in their own way.

It may be fair, but these are bold proclamations Dana White is making. Lest we forget, what happened to the last fighter who was “once ever.”

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