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Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta says the UFC is bigger than the NFL in this video

Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta says the UFC is bigger than the NFL in this video

The UFC is bigger than the NFL. End of article. Now discuss this in the comment section. The greatest user comment will get a shout-out at the end of this article. That’s the only thing I can offer in the place of what should be an article. We’re giving away a shot at MiddleEasy immortality, so don’t screw this one up.

We’re not sure what to say regarding Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta’s statement that the UFC is larger than the NFL. Granted, we like the UFC more than we like the NFL. Fighters don’t get penalized for excessive celebration and we’re not forced to watch nonsensical half-time shows. My gaming skills are vastly superior at UFC Undisputed than they are at Madden 2012. I would even venture to say I know more past (and present) UFC fighters than I do with the entire NFL. In our universe, MMA is bigger than the NFL. However we exist in a bubble that is slowly expanding to a vast area that is populated with a plethora of sports that are culturally bound to our environment. Flag football was a staple when I was a kid, so going by Dana White’s assessment, the kids today are playing flag MMA in their backyard.

Check out this video from The Wall Street Journal of Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta implanting thoughts into your head.

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